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What is the purpose of this space?

In short, it’s a blog for the UofA visiting students to share experiences, stories and photos.

When you travel abroad, you get an entry stamp upon arrival. Your passport keeps record of where you go…¬†When you travel, you take photos to keep memories… When you go home, you want to share your stories with with your family and friends…

Let this be a space to help collect memories and share photos with those you love as well as future students to come.

We’d like to encourage you to experience the American culture and share your own culture with the community. Let the world know about your study abroad experience through this blog!


What will happen after I write a blog?

Good question! We will have fun prizes at the end of the semester based on your contributions! Cameron and Tess (staff for the Visiting Student Program) will review all the photos and stories. The more stories and photos you submit, the more likely you will get a prize at the end! Stay tuned!


How can I blog?

Step 1: Write a short story about your experience, and include some photo(s) you’d like to share. Your photo(s) should include some sort of your American experience.

Step 2: E-mail them to Tess (staff for the Visiting Student Program) at

That’s it! Easy, isn’t it?


When can I blog?

You can submit your story and photo(s) anytime you want. The blog contents will be updated at least every month.


Who will view stories? Where will it be shared?

You… Your families… Your friends… Your teachers… International Students & Scholars office staff… It will be published through the ISS’s facebook as well, which means it’s pretty much open to the public.

If you do not want to have your name or your face on a photo, it’s possible to upload the story without your name on it! A photo with beautiful scenery is more than welcome!


Any other questions?

If you have any questions, contact Tess at

Thank you & enjoy your stay in Fayetteville!



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